Pokémart.pt certifies that all orders are properly packed.

Registered Mail: This method is recommended, as it includes a registration number, through which you can follow its trajectory and in case of loss, you do not lose the item, you can check where it is. Estimated delivery time between one to two business days.

We do not have a cash on delivery method.

The estimated delivery times for these shipments is after the shipment of the item from us to the customer, they are not the estimated delivery times for orders.

The estimated time of the order depends from item to item, it depends on whether the item is available and whether we have it in stock or whether it has to be by order. If you need an item urgently, please contact us before purchasing the item, as it may take up to 2 weeks to receive the item.

Any situation of non-compliance with CTT that is not related to a mistake on the part of the store, it is the customer (recipient) who is obliged to resolve with CTT. We are not responsible for errors on the part of CTT, so we reinforce the importance of registered mail.